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Welcome to Kep, the Cambodian Village with charme

Kep, the lovely Cambodian coastal village, located on the south coast of Cambodia and not far from the Vietnamese border. We provide a complete listing of all Kep Hotels and most of the Restaurants!

Kep DOES HAVE TWO ATM's now - one at the beach (ABA Bank) and at Damnak Changar (Acleda Bank)! 
There is now also a Pharmacy (Pharmalink) for your needs - also located at the beach (both Pharmacy and ATM are located next to Koki Restaurant (ex Pasta et Basta).

Photo curtesy of the new Hotel Kep Arun Rass

The government of Kep did some beautification, more trees and a much wider beach - more info on this forum post.

The Live Webcam@Kep Lodge located on the hill pointing towards the Gulf of Thailand and Bokor Mountain lets you see the weather in Kep.

[view from the Kep Lodge} is your one-stop source for informationfor tourists, residents and domestic travelers alike compiled and maintained by the Kep Tourism Group.

Great news! In September 2013 the Kep International School opened its doors and follow the cambridge and khmer curriculum. Finally entire familes can come and enjoy the life in Kep with this first class school.

Kep's Sunset The famous villas in Kep
Weaterforecast for Kep:
We wish you all a very pleasant stay in Kep!

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