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1) Kep Beach and around
2) National Park
3) Rabbit Island (Koh Tonsay)
4) Pepper Plantations and Salt Fields
5) Secret Beach (Angkul)
6) Caves of Kompong Trach, Phnom Chnugk
7) Kep ruins and graffities from ROA
8) Sailing, Kayaking
9) Skateboarding at Jasmine Valley - CLOSED
10) Country Side Tour

11) Boat Tours by Carpe Diem and Kep Boat
12) Kep Trekking
13) Massage in Kep
14) Butterfly Farm
15) Colonial town Kampot
16) Bokor Hill Station
17) Max Discovery - Team Building
18) Horse back and cart riding
19) Other Kep activities (Secret Lake etc)

1) Kep Beach and around

As you approach Kep from Kampot, take a right at the first roundabout and you'll find yourself at the Crab-Market - our main centre for exquisite seafood dining. There's a dozen or so restaurants and a couple of bars, so plenty of options to choose from.

To help your food go down, stroll a little further along the seaside to the Kep Beach, where you'll find shady umbrella trees, showers and changing cabins, dining platforms, seafood and fruit vendors as well as people sellign souvenir trinkets. Being close to the Mekong Delta, our water's not super clear but it's still a great swim on a hot day.

A little further around the coast, past the 'white lady' statue and the giant crab (you can't miss them!) you'll find more dining platforms by the sea, some great little restaurants, the Kep ghost-town (remnants of Kep'' former glory), the old queen's palace (full of bullet wholes), some hotels and the long tail boats leaving to Koh Tonsay (Rabbit Island).

You'll eventually enter Kep City with the local market and restaurants. If you look to your left you'll see a temple with spectacular views across the islands to Vietnam. Take the road that has a police station on the corner into the mountain, pass the French School (Ecole Francais de Kep) and take a right at the end of the road to get there.



Kep Beach

Activities? – Explore the charm of Kep, its friendly people, the great seafood and its quiet streets.

How to get there? – The best way to explore Kep is by bicycle, if you want to avoid the heat, rent a motorbike and drive around.

What does it cost? – Hotels give bicycels for free or rent them for $1/day. Mountain bikes go normally for $ 2.50/day. The daily rental of a small motorcycle is $8.

2) Jungle Trek in the Kep National Park

The Kep National Park is of medium size and is located around the Kep Mountain. The main entrance is just behind Veranda Natural Resort, where you will be expected to pay a dollar (or 4000 riels) entry fee (which goes towards maintaining the park) but there are other access points such as Kep Lodge on the west side. There is an 8km trek which leads around the mountain with beautiful outlook points to Kampot, the islands and to Vietnam. Next to the three big antennas near the beach is a small Nuns-Pagoda, where you can buy tea made from wood, which is good against head ache or stomach pain!

The walk around the mountain takes between two and three hours. It is a nice place to escape the hot temperature on the coast. Around the trek you find plenty of signs, maps and look out points, all very well maintained by Christian, the owner of the Led Zep Cafe. He not only offers great pizzas, burritos or cappuccino, his new place is also a superb point to overlook Kep. He has maybe the best view of Kep.

There are now many smaller paths which go directly into the jungle. All are very well signposted so you can't get lost!! Most of the trails are doable in flip-flops, but some of the more challenging ones require decent covered footware. More recent openings include the path to the water reservoir which is quite easy the the 2km long path to the Samathi Pagoda, which has a few stunning viewpoints and is one of the nicests paths the editor personally thinks. It takes about 1h from the main treck to the Pagoda and the level is easy - medium.

Alternatively you can hire a guide, leave the trek and explore the dense jungle. Good shoes and a portion of adventuress are recommended for the dense jungle.

Activities? – Explore the jungle; see some wild animals and beautiful plants, views.

How to go? – The main entrance is behind Veranda Natural Resort, but the Kep Lodge and Jasmine Valley Eco-Resort also have direct access.

What does it cost? – $1 or 4000R; a guide costs you per half a day $6 -$10.

Beautiful outlook from the trek towards Bokor Mountain

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3) Rabbit Island (Koh Tonsay)

Rabbit Island lies just 20 minutes off Kep City and offers one of the most beautiful beaches in Cambodia. White sand, plenty of coconut trees, fishermen and about 6 basic guest houses which also cater fresh seafood make this destination one of the most popular places in Kep.
It is also possible to make a three island tour, where you first visit the Mango Island, then stop for swimming and lunch at the Rabbit Island, before you continue to Koh Poh. Please contact one of the Travel Agencies for detailed prices.

Activities? – Swimming, snorkeling (equipment from Kep Lodge), enjoy fresh Crabs or other seafood, walk around the Rabbit Island (about 2 hours), relaxing.

How to go? – You either take a motorbike-taxi (Motodub) or a Tuk Tuk to the pier in Kep City, from there you hire a boat to the island.

What are the costs? – Boats are leaving at 9am and come back at 4pm at a cost of $7 - $8/person (incl transport to the pier and back). You can also hire an entire boat for $25, with a maximum of 6 persons.

Long white sandy beach

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4) Pepper Plantations and Salt fields

Kampot and Kep are the major salt producers of Cambodia. You see some salt fields near the White Horse Market (Psahr See Sor) or near Angkul Beach (Google Map), so it is best to do this in combination with another activity.

The Kampot/Kep Pepper is considered to be the best on the planet and is exported to luxury restaurants across the globe. One of the major site of producing Pepper is near Phnom Voir, about 20min drive from Kep. It is possible to buy fresh and/or dried black pepper directly from the fields. The Kampot pepper received the GI (Geographical Identification, same for Cognac or Champagne) in 2011, that means only pepper from Kampot can be sold as pepper from Kampot (in the same way that Champagne must be from Champagne).

Activities? – Explore the salt fields, buy fresh pepper, see locals cultivating it and learn about the famous Kep/Kampot Pepper.

How to go? – You can go by motodub or drive your own bike. The pepper plantations next to Phnom Voir are easy to find. The Vine Retreat is located in this area, has a comfortable restaurant with sofa and hammocks, great food and even a salt water pool.

Sothy's Pepper Farm, (Google Map) at the beginning of the Phnom Voir stretch, with the german co-owner Norbert and his wife Sothy is a member of the Kampot Pepper Grower Association (with Geographical Indication - GI) and can give you plenty of information about Pepper and many other things. They even serve you free Pepper tea. Tel: 088 951 35 05.

Good in combination with Kompong Trach or Angkul Beach. The Salt Fields are good together with Kampot town or the Tekchhou Water Rapids.

Pepperfields in Phnom Voir

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5) Angkul Beach (=Secret Beach)

The Secret Beach of Kep is a remote beach to the south-east from Kep (near Vietnam border). The white beach is quite long and many coconut trees provide shade the beach. There is a small fishing village and a small temple on the hill behind. The possibilities of food or drinks are very limited, so it’s best to bring a lunch pack. During the high season (November - April) there is normally a small stand which serves cold drinks, an entire chicken ($10) and snacks and have some deck chairs and umbrellas.

Activities? – Swimming, sun bathing, relaxing, snorkeling (equipment from Kep Lodge).

How to go? – You can go by motodub, or can explore it by yourself. It is quite easy to find. On the road to Phnom Penh/Kompong Trach you turn right and follow the big road towards Vietnam. Before the salt fields you turn right (there is a entrance gate for the temple) and just follow this road. It takes about 30 – 40 minutes from Kep.

What are the costs? – A motodub for the whole day is $15, a Tuk Tuk $20, hiring your own motorbike costs $7/$8 per day.

Good in combination with Kompong Trach, Pepper Plantation, or the Vietnam Border.  Google map

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6) The Caves of Kompong Trach and Phnom Chnugk

Kompong Trach and its caves are about 35km to the northeast of Kep. The town itself is not really appealing, has a few basic guest houses and NO decent restaurants (the one behind the temple is the best choice you get there - but not recommended).

From the turn it is another 20min drive, before you see the cave entrance to your right. The limestone caves are quite big and there are many children waiting to guide you. Inside of the cave you find a big reclining Buddha as well as some smaller statues. Very interesting is also the purple earth. Google Map
There is also a small lake inside the cave (swimming cave - ask the kids where to go since it is quite difficult to find), located about 10min drive from the main cave, following the train tracks. Google Map

To Phnom Chnugk (Google Map): When you drive towards Kampot, turn right just before the big bridge, you reach the Caves of Phnom Chnugk. The caves are not as big as the caves from Kompong Trach, but they have an old Buddhist Shrine inside, dating some 1300 years back.
We now offer guided tours with an expert either to Kompong Trach or to Phnom Chnugk.

Activities? – Cave exploring, swimming in the lake, see the beautiful countryside on the way there.

How to go? – You can hire a motodub or Tuk Tuk or can drive by yourself (easy to find). It is a beautiful drive through the countryside. You can also drive along Phnom Voir (Pepper) and visit a Pepper Plantation on the way.

What are the costs? – To go by motodub the costs are round trip $9, by Tuk Tuk
$20 round trip. Since a few months there is an entry fee of 1$/person.

The Caves of Kompong Trach are good in combination with the Pepper Plantation or Angkul Beach, Phnom Chnugk is good in combination with Kampot town.

Swimming Cave @ Kompong Trach

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7) Old Kep Villas - and Graffitis by ROA

In Kep there are several hundreds old Villas built before 1960 which are now totally destroyed by the weather, by the Vietnamese retracting to Vietnam and by the local Khmer community looking for wires, door/window frames etc.

Most of the Villas are located North-West of Kep City and some can be found at Kep Beach. Two villas have been completely renovated and are now upmarket hotels (the Villa Romonea and the Knai Bang Chatt). 

The internationally famous graffiti artist ROA from Belgium, has painted 3 Villas with super sized animals. 

These Villas are located (in brackets are the Latitude & Lonitude and link to Google Maps):


1 - North-East of the Kep Independence Monument -  road leading to Samot Rangsey Pagoda - Centipede Google Map

2 - Way to Jasmine Valley, before Kep Plantation - Elephant skeleton Google Map

3 - North of the Beach House, behind the Kep Tourism Office - Praying Mantas Google Map

1                                                                                                         2


These Villas are pretty easy to find. Otherwise you can also ask a Tuk Tuk driver who will be happy to show them to you.

Of course there are many other villas which don't have any graffiti on it and are worth exploring. Some of them are really interesting for architects, since they have been designed by students of the famous french architect Le Corbusier.

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8) Sports Equipment Hire, Sailing, Kayaking by Sailing Club

Kayaks, Hobie Cats, Mountain Bikes and Trail Bikes are available for hire at the Sailing Club, located near the luxury hotel Knai Bang Chatt.
They are further offering tours, like the 'Kep Discovery Tour', 'Cambodian Country Side Tours' etc.

Check also the new website for more information

Hobbie Cats for rent

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9) Skateboarding at Jasmine Valley - NOW CLOSED!

The only purpose-built skate bowl in the region. Join the Jasmine Valley Eco-Resort staff, once the sun drops over the mountain, for a session of old-school grinding and getting air! See some highlights of the first year of Cambodian skating here. Some decent boards and protective gear are available if you're not traveling with your own wheels.

Guest mastering the skate-bowl 

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10) Country Side Tour by 'Kep Autrement - Kep Different' Group

Two tour guides settled in the area for several years teamed up to offer you the authentic route, traditional and timeless, which will help you to discover Cambodia off the beaten track. Between small roads, villages and eclectic scenery, you will meet and live an unforgettable experience. Various visits and tours on the regions of Kampot and Kep are available and explore the surrounding islands. Whether by boat, motorcycle, tuk-tuk or private vehicle, each destination will guide you to learn a little more about the Khmer culture. Good humor and Cambodian smiles accompany you throughout your experience.

From 15$ to 70$ per person depending of tour and transport.

Contact: Marie 087 320 140 Manu: 097 623 61 76


Boys harvesting rice

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11) Boat Tours by Carpe Diem and Kep Boat Tours

Leave the coast behind and live a day at Cambodian rythm. Discover the less known islands offshore Kep (except Rabbit Island) and learn more about cambodian culture with a French and English speaking Canadian guide and a Cambodian "Capitaine".

With a Boat Tour, you will have the opportunity to do some snorkelling, fishing, swimming, take a coffee in a fishermen community, share a moment with them, interpreting the fauna and flora thanks to Island Divers's information.

Starting from $20/person. Get on board !!

Carpe Diem
Emilie: 071 952 03 29

Kep Tours
Eric: 096 438 64 37
Mika: 071 860 45 28


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12) Kep Trekking

A new activity in Kep. Guided tours around the Kep National Park and beyond. The guide will take you during the 4h tour to see the best places in the National Park, visit some local pagodas, points out various animals and shows you the best spot for the sunrise and sunset.

The 10h tour will also start at the National Park, then visit to Pagodas, further to the secret lake, pepper plantation etc.
Included: Water, parc access, walking sticks, headlamp, lunch for the 10h tour, good vibes.

The price for the 4h tour starts at $10 and the price for the 10h starts at $25/person.

More information:

Laurent: 010 39 34 91 (English and French spoken)


Outlook to Kampot (from the Kampot viewpoint)

One of the big and old tree still remaining

View towards the Rabbit Island (trek to Samati Pagoda)

View to the Kep Mountain (trek to the Dam)


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13) Massage in Kep

There are now about half a dozen massage places. The longest running with three locations (Rabbit Island, Lida Guest House and Crab Market) is Lida Khmer Massage. Another just opened massage is on the road to Veranda at the Art Guest House with quite skilled girls.
Veranda and Knai Bang Chatt are having their own in-house massages. Near the beach are two massage places. All of them have about the same menu: Khmer, oil, head/shoulder and foot massage.

What are the costs? The cost for 1 hour is $12 - $50 depending where you get your massage. It is also possible that your guest house orders a massage for you in your room.

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14) Butterfly Farm

Just before your reach the Jasmine Valley Eco-Resort (Google Map), you'll find an American-owned Butterfly farm, with thousands of butterflies in a nice garden. A nice expedition specially with your kids. The small restaurant serves cold drinks and food is available a hundred meters further up the trail at Jasmine Valley. 

One of the many varieties on the farm

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15) Colonial Town Kampot

The Provincial capitol Kampot is 27km away from Krong Kep and is quite different to the much more touristy beach town Sihanoukville. Quiet streets, few tourists, beautiful French colonial buildings and an interesting market make this town a lovely day trip. The very good infrastructure with several internet cafés, banks (with ATM), western grocery shopping, book stores (Blissful Guesthouse also has a variety of books to sell or trade), and a variety of excellent Khmer and western restaurants serve all the travelers needs.

Activities? – Visit the market, excursion on the Kamong Bay River (River Cruise), ice cream shopping, fine dining.

How to go? – You can go by motodub, by Tuk Tuk or drive your own motorbike.

What are the costs? – A motodub charges one way $7, return $14, a Tuk Tuk is one way $8, return $20. A visit of Kampot is good in combination with the Tekchhou water rapids and with the interesting Caves of Phnom Chnugk.

Colorful colonial Kampot houses 

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16) Bokor Hill Station

The Sokha group built a new road and now the trip to Bokor takes only about 45min (before >3h!). The old casino is being renovated, but there is a new casino with a hotel complex (with over 400rooms, 2 restaurants and a bar).

With over 1000m in height, the Bokor Hill Station, which was built in the 1920s by the French, provides a refreshing break from the heat on the coast. The views over the dense rainforest towards the sea are some of the most impressive in Cambodia. The things to see are the Bokor Palace and Casino, the old church (now occupied by the construction workers :-(), the black Palace, the Five Boat Pagoda and the Popokvil Waterfalls, that only has water during the rainy season.

Activities? – Visit and wander around the ruins, enjoying the breathtaking views across the Gulf towards Phu Quoc Island, jungle trekking, gambling, watching the wildlife (it is said that elephants, tigers and leopards live in the jungle).

How to go? – There are tours going to Bokor with a minibus (ask your reception or the listed travel agencies). You can also go with your own motorbike or by private taxi. A helicopter flight sets you back about $2'000!

The Pokvil Waterfall on Bokor

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17) Max Discovery Cambodia (MDC) - Team Building and the Magic Tree

The MDC is a Team Building Group for companies, students and children. They are organizing customized programs and teambuilding activities in and around Kep, but according to the clients wishes, they are also present all around Cambodia. 


- Tree Top Adventure - Zip Line, Ladder Rope, Spider Thread Descent, Tree Tunnel, Climbing Wall, etc.

- Cohesion Workshops - Run Together, Human Ladder, The Blind, Bamboo Raft, etc.

- Games Workshop - The Rings, Croquet, Darts, Tug of War, etc.

Other activities are: Abseiling, Trekking, Sailing, Biking, Cultural Activities, Artistic Activities, Orienteering Race, Creation of Shows, etc.

What are the costs? - From $8 up to $15, depending on the number of participants.

You will find a lot of information on the website - or by calling 097 88 27 237.

User testimonials can be found on the Tripadvisor web page.


Inside-Climing the Magic Tree (Kep National Park)

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18) Horse Back and Cart Riding

The Kep-Plantation is a ranch on the road to the Jasmine Valley with about 10 horses. You can ride yourself either inside the ranch (1 ha big) or explore the surroundings outside of Kep. The also have a cart riding - perfect for the entire family. You find more information on here.

Horse at the Kep-Plantation 

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19) Other Activities

There are quite a few more activities in Kep, which we only describe shortly:

- Gon Sat Lake (Secret Lake) - big, beautiful dam-lake with huts along the shore Google Map

- Kep Oceanarium, (7am-6pm) located just right at the pier (Rabbit Island) this shop not only offers about 20 aquariums (great for kids $1, adults $3), all filled with local sea live, but they are also the only licensed Dive Shop in Kep, with Padi dive courses (from Open Water until Dive  Instructor).

- Snorkeling at Brandon Rock Google Map- Small rocky island between Kep and Phu Quoc with intact underwater world, not too deep (around 5-7m) with lots of stone corals and plenty of small fishes (careful currents). More infos via this website (

- Motorbike Tours - the hinterland of Phnom Voir and towards Kampot and Koh Slah has some fascinating countryside and some nice tracks to ride on your 250ccm bike! Some good orientation is required if you want to do that alone!

- Fishing Trips - fishing trips can be arranged by several local Travel Agencies - normally a whole day trip. A fishing boat for half a day is about $50 - $60.

- Crab Feast -  enjoy Cambodia's best seafood at the local Crab Market 

- Relax at the Pool - after so many activities, please don't forget to rest and take a day just to hang loose and enjoy the beautiful pool at Kep Lodge (for outside guests free if you consume $5/person), a good bock and the comfortable deck chair!

- Get an outstanding tatoo at Bokor Tattoo in Kampot, where they have world class artitis (from Japan and England)

We are sure there are more activities in Kep and that you will find the one which suits you perfectly for a perfect stay in Kep.

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